Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you all will have nice day partying and trick-or-treating, or whatever you are planning to do! And watch some scary movies tonight! 

That's my halloween "costume" :) I'll show you good pictures later tomorrow!


Sunday, October 28, 2012

ulyana sergeenko: new russian icon

This month I'm taking a part of "Blogger Choice Awards" on one of the groups on And this week's assignment is to comment on one of the styles of popular woman. I decided to choose one of my favorite women in Russia - Ulyana Sergeenko, whose style I adore. Let's start!

This amazing woman was born in Kazakhstan. Can you believe that her, high-fashion woman, was born in a little town where no one had even a chance to be someone famous? But she had one!

In 1997 she and her family moved to St. Petersburg and she was noticed by one of the agents from Model Vivendis. But her career as model didn't last long and she decided to enroll in the university. 

When she had her first child, she didn't expect that she will be one of the women on the pages of fashion magazines and even be the first Russian designers to present the collection on Paris Haute Couture Week in 2012. And she would spent her last money on some couture, which she wanted all the time. She didn't expect that she will be couture one day.

Of course she had support from her husband. Her husband is very wealthy person and of course he would support his wife in her new project. We know there are many celebrities who had money to make their own collections, but did they end up be very famous fashion designer in the whole world? I don't think so. So I think that she made a lot to make her project into the world-famous brand! And the brand, itself, is unique! Let's talk about it now.

But since the assignment is to comment on Ulyana's style, I will connect these two things together. And I think they are pretty much the same. 

The collection is what Ulyana wears every day! It is "a la russe" style. That what people call it in different magazines and online blogs and websites. And I feel like it is a new "a la russe". We have designers in Russia, who make very old fashioned Russian style, with maybe the same elements, like Ulyana has, but they don't look up-to-date. There is fur, there is flower print, bright red colors, scarves over the head, feminine silhouettes and everything else. 

Ulyana brought the style to the different level in terms of her own clothes. And this style is her own style. There is no doubt in that. These high-waisted long skirts in some small-flowers print, for example. They really look like some of the skirts my grandmother used to have in her closet when she was young, but Ulyana brings it in a different way and makes every girl want to have the same skirt. 

And these blouses she wears all the time. In terms of shape they look like the blouses we all have, had and will have. But in her looks, they look different. They bring this little "sexy" to the look. That shows that women don't have to wear super short dresses and high heels and show their whole bodies, but maybe some sheer elements, like Ulyana has all the time may be the best choice to make, when you are thinking what to wear on a special occasion. They can look feminine and at the same time very appropriate for any occasion and still be very attractive. 

And of course shoes. Ulyana has the best taste in those. Sometimes they are crazy 160 Christian Louboutins and sometimes they are cute and a little vintage looking boots from her own collection. It all depends on the look. 

Details are always important. Not only Ulyana chooses the best accessories possible for her looks, but she also makes them stand out in the whole outfit. She knows how to show them. 

And all of that above is her evening looks. During the day she can be different. Even she says that she likes to wear jeans and sneakers to work and be a little relaxed before another event coming up in the evening. Take a look at this video to see how she looks like before the photo shoot and during it. 

Above I just made a little review on what I like the most in Ulyana's style. Now, let's look more closely at her looks and see what stands out and what make sit unique!

This look is one of my favorites. It is a bright velvet dress paired with some vintage looking boots (I love vintage details!) and bright green clutch. I think that an average person wouldn't have enough confidence to wear this outfit and especially I think no one could have paired all of these items together into the look. Only Ulyana could. She can pull it off, but I don't know anyone else who can. 

This photo reminds me of Anna Karenina. Don't you think think there is a feeling of 19th century? I actually feel like that. And this wool and leather skirt looks like it's Ulyana's grandmother skirt that she altered to wear now. It brings me to the back, but still she looks modern and up-to-date. And her hat make this look a little mysterious in a way, what creates this illusion of 19th century and time of Anna Karenina. I'm sure she would wear it even back then.

What I like and this look is that it is girly and it is fun. But still it is Ulyana's style. Flower print and high-waisted dress with pink clutch and green pumps look different from her average looks, but there is still a connection between all of these looks above. It is still Ulyana and she changes the view on fashion and how real woman should look like and be like. 

This summer I had a chance to see her in Italy on the resort. I always thought for celebrities it is the time they can relax, but she had been always in her style every time I saw her. She always had the best looks, she looked different from everyone.

I want to say something and it is truth: when you look at her, you want to look and be like her. I'm not talking about money and some high-class clothes, but you want to place yourself the same way she places herself. She is proud of herself, she knows she can do anything and I think that's the thing that we should always keep this in mind: come to your dream, break all the rules, and make yourself the person who can do anything and who is the strongest and the most important person in the world!


Friday, October 26, 2012

azim sisters

You know, I first saw Aziza on Instagram. I was amazed by her style and the way she can stand out in public. I automatically pushed the "FOLLOW" button. I knew that I would get a lot of inspiration from her style and looks. And then, I just saw that she has an adorable sister. Her name is Saida. And I was happy to meet her in life this summer! You probably saw a post with pictures I took of her during the summer. And today I want to share some of the looks of these cute sisters, which look alike a lot, and both of them have a potential to be fashion icons! As well, I will share some Instagram photos of their daily life which show their styles and lives in a best way! I hope one day I will have a chance to meet Aziza in real life! And you for sure should expect some new photos in winter of Saida and for sure her amazing look!

Aziza lives in New York and she always posts these photos of New York, but her every day looks always stand out, even compare to breathtaking views on my favorite city! You can see, based on these photos, that Aziza has big and most amazing collection of bags and shoes! 

And Saida lives in the city where my heart is - Moscow. Even though Moscow is often grey and foggy, her looks make it brighter there! And especially her accessories! Not joking! Take a look!

Here are some extra looks of Aziza, which I found on her Facebook account, which I love! And I wanna point out the choice of accessories! Just look how amazing they are!

See, here I love Aziza's bag and shoes! Amazing and bright Kelly bag and Balenciaga boots, which look good on her every time she wears them! She can match them with anything!

It is probably my favorite jacket of all the time! It is by Celine and it is just perfect for anything, by anything I mean occasion, season and time of the day. 

What do you think? Don't you think they look alike? I think they do and I think that later, we will see Aziza and Saida on pages of popular streetstyle blogs! And we can already see Aziza on some websites! And Saida will be the same! I'm sure! I'm wishing them all the best! And keep it up, girls! 


all the photos are taking from their instagram accounts:
and their facebook and vk accounts

Monday, October 22, 2012


Instagram posts from past couple of weeks


San Francisco, US


I love wearing dark clothes during the fall season. And especially love wearing high socks over tights. It is my favorite thing when it's cold outside. Eve though it seems like it's warm outside, it is cold in San Francisco. That's why it's time to change the closet from summer clothes to warm skirts, pants and dresses. And I'm actually excited about this! That's why it is time for warm hats and warm skirts. 

San Francisco, US