Monday, May 28, 2012

chanel creepers

After an amazing selling of Chanel espadrilles, Chanel created a new collection of creepers. I feel like it will repeat the "life" of espadrilles and they will be sold out as soon as they come out and when they will be in stores. I actually can't wait to see them and try them on, since I didn't get a chance to even try espadrilles on, since they were all sold out when I came to the store ;(

tweet tweet

Remember the times when we put a lot of statuses on our Facebook or Vkontakte page and our page was full of our statuses? I remember. Now, we have resources which are made special for that, like Twitter. I remember when it first came out, I didn't get the idea of it And now I love it and I use it everyday to communicate with people, share my ideas and thoughts. 
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


online stores

In the past few years, online stores became a big part of shopping. Now you can go to any official website and most likely there will be an online shop, or what it is sometimes called e-store. And I think it is really helpful, especially when you don't have a lot of time to shop and try on different clothes. And online you can look at different clothes, see it on a model and match it with different clothes and create a perfect look!
I have my favorite shops for sure with great variety of designers for clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. Some of them are based of the stores and some are just great e-store to shop!
lizalizavettas is my #1! LOVE IT! the best selection of designers, always updated and does electronic magazines to show trends and new collection to the audience looks like a russian version of net-a-porter, but it is not. It is a new project by Aisel Trudel and Mira Duma. Even though it is new, it already has some good designers to choose from! definitely getting something from there when I'm in Moscow
And was always the best for me! and I can't really explain why. I just feel like it's my website ;)
always IN love with barneys' collections and e-store just makes it easier for me to shop

Monday, May 21, 2012

must-go places

If you want to spend good time with your friends and really have fun, I think there are some places that you want to go for sure and might consider going there for this coming summer ;)
I always felt like going to big cities or better say popular cities, is much easier and much more interesting to go with your friends. So, my list will pretty much consist of popular cities and places, even though there are much more interesting places in every country

Barcelona! sea, beach and parties

London! not this year though ;)

paris.. For me it feels like home there every time I come there


"Moscow city of your dreams..." it is!

new york. my love

tenerife (Spain)



After getting a new iPad lately, I decided to get it organized in different folders, etc. While looking for some good apps, I found an amazing app which helps me keep all the blogs I read at one place! It is really helpful and a great tool if you don't want to have a lot of bookmarks on your desktop or main page on an iPad. 
If you are into blogs, get it now! And of course follow me!

P.S.: not only blogs, but you can also follow twitter accounts!

And here are screenshots of my blogshelf:

On the Runway blog; A blog by Aziza Azim (AMAZING!); all the pretty birds; the MUSE by Natalya Turovnikova; Fashion Crisp by Gala Yudashkina (I wish she wrote more! hoping for the posts to come every day!); Moscow Citizen blog about all the news from all over the world; blog by Saida Azim

Sublime Pride blog by lizalizavettas; Trivial Insanity by Nino Eliava (one of my favorite blogs); Mlle Anastasia blog (as well, my favorite! my post about her you can read here); blog by Olia Kalaeva (her blog was my inspiration, so I can't miss one post about her); Man Repeller; the Sartorialist; The Business of Fashion; Fashionista

Friday, May 18, 2012

a la parisienne

Wonderful day! it was actually lovely! Sitting in "Cafe de la Presse" with my best friend, eating moules a la tomate, enjoying people around me and conversation with my friend! And weather was wonderful! Sunshine, warm.. But of course not without San Francisco wind. 
What I like about "Cafe de la Presse" is that it is so French, that you actually feel like you are in Paris, even though around the corner there is San Francisco Chinatown. And my favorite dish from French cuisine, just made my day, after a horrible morning ;( But thanks God, that it got better towards the end of the day. I wish every day was like that and my friend would be here all the time! and hopefully by the end of next year, our walls will be full of polaroid pictures we take together!

McQ Alexander McQueen for net-a-porter

If you love McQ Alexander McQueen and ready to buy something for fall, then visit! It has a special collection for fall collection of Alexander McQueen. Leather, silk, fur.. I love leather skirt that they have there! I actually, already want to buy something. But I'll wait. 

pictures taken from and

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

one jacket, 14 people

Special photo shoot for Chanel. 14 celebrities took photos in one classical Chanel jacket. All photos are taken by Karl Lagerfeld. In love withSarah Jessica Parker's photo! so stylish and fashionable! but every photo is actually unique and different