Tuesday, February 28, 2012

LA: part I

I'm not a big fan of this city. Actually I can say that I don't like this city, but sometimes you just need to go somewhere else from your city. And finally I did. Only things I like about LA is weather, restaurants and shopping :) Even museums are not so interesting.. So, again I was disappointed. But new place means new pictures! part I!

preparation for oscars! happy that I saw it!


Monday, February 27, 2012

isabel marant: sneakers

I'm in love with those! Great for winter, summer.. any time! I would wear them with leggings and skinny jeans, but there are some people who wear them with dresses and it looks amazing!

little world: Stasia A.

Continuing with "little world" part in my blog. Here is my friend Stasia:

Твое платье?/Your dress?
это не ко мне/that's not for me

Твоя обувь?/Your shoes?

YSL Tribtoo-лучшее,что человек мог сделать с туфлями!/YSL Tribtoo is the best that the person could make!

Твой напиток?/Your drink?

Различные кофейные напитки,помогающие стойко держаться на ногах весь день!/Different coffee drink, which help me stay on my legs all day long!

Твое блюдо?/Your food?
Суши с угрем! Готова их есть целыми днями/Eel sushi! Can eat them all day long!

Твои цветы?/Your flowers?

Не люблю цветы,но никогда не буду против белых лилий/Don't like the flowers, but never will be against white lilies 

Твой фильм?/Your movie?

Помни меня,который учит ценить каждый момент сейчас и не откладывать ничего на будущее./Remember me. Teaches to value every moment and not to put off anything for the future

Твое украшение?/Your jewelry?

Серьги в восточном стиле./Earrings in oriental style

Твоя музыка?/Your music?
Я бешеная фанатка Лил Вейна! Слушаю с утра до ночи/ I'm big fan of Lil Wayne. Can listen to him all day long

Твоя сумка?/Your bag?

Fendi peekaboo. Хотя у меня ее еще нет/ Fendi peekaboo even if I don't have it yet

Твои каникулы?/Your holidays?

Зима-Санкт Моритц,Лето-Сардиния/ Winter-St. Moritz, Summer-Sardinia

Твой отдых?/Your rest?

В своей любимой кровати,видя прекрасные сны/In my favorite bed watching beautiful dreams

Твоя книга?/Your book?

Бойцовский клуб Чака Паланика/Fight club by Chuck Palahniuk

Твои духи?/Your perfume?

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb/Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

a short movie by Dolce&Gabbana


Amazing and creative campaign of one of my favorite designers!

must have!

This is the best thing that the designer could have ever made! Bad with the charger for iPhone, Android and Blackberry! That's a must have for me! Didn't you have this moment when you really have to call someone and phone is just about to die? And you can't charge it anywhere! And now, you have your bag with the charger! This is a must have for me! And I'm pretty sure this will be a trend this summer! it will be sold already this spring! 

street style

you need to hear this!

Boys have amazing voice!!! I'm listening to this like every day!


Monday, February 20, 2012

object of desire: Alexander McQueen scarf

New scarf by Alexander Mcqueen

Gwyneth for Bazaar

ulyana sergeenko: lookbook

Such a beautiful collection! I can't wait for it to be in stores, so I could see it in real life! It's simple in a way, but it's amazing! I can't stop looking at these photos! I'm in love as always with what Ulyana does! And especially black dress on the left is my favorite!